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Wellness Warrior's Response to the COVID-19 Virus - IN STOCK!! Purchase our Anti-Viral Tincture TODAY! Wellness Warrior's Response to the COVID-19 Virus - IN STOCK!! Purchase our Anti-Viral Tincture TODAY!

eLearning and Educational Materials

Our selection of eLearning and Educational Materials products provides instant downloads to you on a variety of topics that will help you use our products more safely, provide new instruction, or advance your knowledge of herbal medicine use, essential oils, first aid training, and so much more! 

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  • Basic Herbal First Aid: Everyday Situations - Digital Download
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    Digital Download e-book

    I love that we have emergency services available for when we truly need them but have you ever wished you knew how to handle more minor first-aid situations at home? There are many good first-aid courses and books out there, but this one goes a (BIG) step further! It shows you how to use simple safe medicinal herbs that are readily available to go beyond what ordinary first-aid can do. 

    This book covers: 

    • Bleeding – How to stop bleeding – even severe bleeding – without pressure, tourniquets, or surgery
    • Bites / Stings / Splinters – Neutralize venom, irritants, and skin infections with herbal “erasers"
    • Bruises – accelerate healing, relieve discomfort and restore normal circulation
    • Burns – relieve pain and accelerate healing
    • Cold / Canker Sores – herbs that can actually shorten healing time!
    • Cold / Flu – learn the exact procedure I use from the very start of a cold or flu to the very end, skipping all the days of unpleasantness in between!
    • Cuts – heal quickly and completely – also, what to do in the backcountry or if you can't get to a hospital for stitches
    • Depression, seasonal blues – the herb that opens the curtains and lets in the sunshine
    • Dehydration – a shortcut to help you re-hydrate quickly
    • Diarrhea – you don't have to suffer for days anymore!
    • Eye problems – how to heal them
    • Fever – prevent problems and allow the body to heal naturally
    • Food poisoning / swallowed poison – a quick and easy remedy that neutralizes 99% of poisons and relieves food poisoning in hours (not days)
    • Freaking out / hysteria – calm down so you can focus and get things done
    • Gastric reflux / heartburn – the best remedy I've found that restores the digestive system to balance
    • Headache – don't wait for hours for an OTC pain reliever to work; relieve the cause of headaches quickly with these simple tips
    • Pain – effective remedies for 6 common types of pain!
    • Panic – get your wits back!
    • PMS – for everyone who knows about herbal hormone tonics – here's what you need to do first!
    • Poisoning, Mushroom – protect the liver from a poisonous mushroom ingestion
    • Respiratory Infections – use these remedies before a hospital visit becomes necessary
    • Sinus – make and use the formula I've used to clear sinuses that were severely blocked for months!
    • Sprains – repair sprains in record time
    • UTI's – fast, permanent relief for the urinary tract
    • Vaccine Reactions – rescue your body!
    • Vomiting / Nausea – 5 different approaches for 5 different situations
    • For yourself when helping someone else – first-aid for the responder as well as the injured

    Grab your copy now to enjoy

    • A 14-page guide
    • A 2-page pocket cheat sheet
    • Over 5 hours of video!


    3 BONUSES:

    • Learn how to make your own herbal preparations
    • Build your own herbal first-aid kit (or buy an awesome one right here from Wellness Warrior)
    • Receive a list of the typical expiration date of your herbal preparations
    • Everything you need to know to get started using herbal first-aid in your own home!

    From the Author ~ Three examples of how I've used these remedies ~ 

    A friend called me one day and said, “Can you help? My mom just cut off her thumb.” I've learned that the best thing to do when I get a call like this is to ask more questions, so I did. She hadn't cut off her entire thumb, just a large chunk of skin and part of the nail. (If she had cut off her entire thumb, I would have told her to go to the ER.) I asked if they had [this herb] on hand and he said “yes.” I told him how to use it and said I would come right over to help.

    When I got there, she had used the herb as instructed and the bleeding had stopped in just a few seconds. I looked at the wound, the chunk of skin that had been cut off and all the blood in the sink. She told me it happened while she was cutting corn off the cob for their dinner.

    I took [another herb] out of my first aid kit and showed her how to apply it to the wound 2-3 times a day to prevent infection and accelerate healing. Over the next few weeks, she had to reapply the herbs a lot as she couldn't stop herself from picking at the scab! It would have healed faster if she had been able to resist, but even so, it healed up nicely and a few weeks later, it looked almost normal, except that the thumb looked a little flat on that side and she said the sensation in it wasn't quite normal. A few weeks after that, the thumb had filled out completely and had normal sensation. Today, when she holds her two thumbs up together, I can't tell the difference between them.


    My mom had been working in her garden and got stung on the hand by a wasp. Wasps don't die when they sting like honey bees do and she got three stings by the same wasp, all within a square centimeter! I don't know if you've ever been stung by a wasp, but their venom is MUCH more painful than honey bee venom. She came into the house to find me (I was still living at home at the time). I got out [this herb] and put some on her stings. After a few seconds, she started relaxing and after about a minute, she said the pain was 85% gone. After a few more minutes, the pain was completely gone, and several hours later, there was still no inflammation and I could barely tell she had been stung!

    I was eating lunch with a friend and she told me she had bad sinus issues and hadn't been able to breathe out of one side of her nose for six months (and the other side wasn't doing too well either). I told her about [this formula] that could clear her nasal passages quickly. She asked if she could get some from me and I happened to have some with me, so I gave it to her and told her how to use it. She went in the ladies room and emerged a few minutes later and came over to me with the happiest look on her face. I asked how it went. She closed one side of her nose and breathed clearly through the open nostril, then switched sides and did the same thing again! Six months and she cleared her nose in one dose! She was one happy camper!

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