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Basic Herbal First Aid: Everyday Situations - Digital Download

Basic Herbal First Aid: Everyday Situations - Digital Download

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I love that we have emergency services available for when we truly need them but have you ever wished you knew how to handle more minor first-aid situations at home? There are many good first-aid courses and books out there, but this one goes a (BIG) step further! It shows you how to use simple safe medicinal herbs that are readily available to go beyond what ordinary first-aid can do. 

This book covers: 

  • Bleeding – How to stop bleeding – even severe bleeding – without pressure, tourniquets, or surgery
  • Bites / Stings / Splinters – Neutralize venom, irritants, and skin infections with herbal “erasers"
  • Bruises – accelerate healing, relieve discomfort and restore normal circulation
  • Burns – relieve pain and accelerate healing
  • Cold / Canker Sores – herbs that can actually shorten healing time!
  • Cold / Flu – learn the exact procedure I use from the very start of a cold or flu to the very end, skipping all the days of unpleasantness in between!
  • Cuts – heal quickly and completely – also, what to do in the back country or if you can't get to a hospital for stitches
  • Depression, seasonal blues – the herb that opens the curtains and lets in the sunshine
  • Dehydration – a shortcut to help you re-hydrate quickly
  • Diarrhea – you don't have to suffer for days anymore!
  • Eye problems – how to heal them
  • Fever – prevent problems and allow the body to heal naturally
  • Food poisoning / swallowed poison – a quick and easy remedy that neutralizes 99% of poisons and relieves food poisoning in hours (not days)
  • Freaking out / hysteria – calm down so you can focus and get things done
  • Gastric reflux / heartburn – the best remedy I've found that restores the digestive system to balance
  • Headache – don't wait for hours for an OTC pain reliever to work; relieve the cause of headaches quickly with these simple tips
  • Pain – effective remedies for 6 common types of pain!
  • Panic – get your wits back!
  • PMS – for everyone who knows about herbal hormone tonics – here's what you need to do first!
  • Poisoning, Mushroom – protect the liver from a poisonous mushroom ingestion
  • Respiratory Infections – use these remedies before a hospital visit becomes necessary
  • Sinus – make and use the formula I've used to clear sinuses that were severely blocked for months!
  • Sprains – repair sprains in record time
  • UTIs – fast, permanent relief for the urinary tract
  • Vaccine Reactions – rescue your body!
  • Vomiting / Nausea – 5 different approaches for 5 different situations
  • For yourself when helping someone else – first-aid for the responder as well as the injured

Grab your copy now to enjoy

  • A 14-page guide
  • A 2-page pocket cheat sheet
  • Over 5 hours of video!



  • Learn how to make your own herbal preparations
  • Build your own herbal first-aid kit (or buy an awesome one right here from Wellness Warrior)
  • Receive a list of the typical expiration date of your herbal preparations
  • Everything you need to know to get started using herbal first-aid in your own home!



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