Collection: Herbal First Aid Kits

A new concept?

What if we told you that you could enjoy your camping trip or day at the beach while being prepared for most unexpected events?  How about preparing your team’s care while overseas on a mission trip?  Hiking enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies getting ready for Mt. Kilimanjaro or Everest Base Camp would love to check out our personal kits to aid them along their journeys.  Regardless of your mission or journey, we'll help you enjoy your time out in nature by removing the stress of packing your medical kit.

Our herbal kits contain prepared herbal tinctures which are antibacterial, antifungal, smooth sour stomachs, assist with altitude sickness, and so much more.  Each kit comes with essential oils which can be used for literally thousands of ailments.  From sore throats to respiratory conditions, headaches, fever, and toothaches.  The possible uses go on and on!

We also address the emotional aspect of medicine.  We know during times of emergencies, or when trauma strikes emotional health is critical to keep strong.  Some of the citrus essential oils are critical for addressing trauma and emotional health and are included in all the kits.  This is perfect especially when kids get bumps and bruises and need to feel a little more secure while wrapped in your arms after an injury or illness.

We've packed homeopathic pellet medicines in the kit.  Homeopathics work quickly to aid the body in repair.  From mild allergic reactions to bruises and fever, homeopathics offer safe and inexpensive delivery of excellent medicine!

Here's a sneak peek at what's in our kits:

  • Personal First Aid Kit (FAK).  Perfect for quick access to the most common herbs and essential oils you'll need to handle the majority of minor issues you may encounter, yet small enough to throw into a backpack or purse.  This kit is small and designed to be used when needed and refilled frequently.
  • Herbal First Aid Kit is designed for 2-4 people or three days of continual use.  Perfect for a weekend get-a-way or to keep in the camper.  This kit also includes first aid supplies.
  • COMING SOON!  LARGE team kit designed for mission trips and herbal medicine clinics.  It is comprised of the medium kit as well as larger quantities of products to last a team for about a month.  These kits are the staple product used by members of our Wellness Warrior Foundation Chapters.
  • COMING SOON! Remote Herbal Hospital.  This large kit is perfect for the extended team events where you will most likely be working from smaller first aid kits.  This kit is designed to fill the smaller kits when they get low on medical supplies.

Kits contain:

  • First-aid supplies
  • Nalgene bottles for rugged, outdoor use
  • Sturdy canvas pack that has been customized for our customers