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Anti-fungal Essential Oil Blend - First Aid for Fungus - Roller Bottle

Anti-fungal Essential Oil Blend - First Aid for Fungus - Roller Bottle

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Anti-Fungal Essential Oil Blend

Safe for:

Aromatic TopicalChildren(!)

Love & the organic essential oils of Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree), and Origanum vulgare (oregano).


Our Anti-fungal Essential Oil Blend is formulated to kill fungi on contact.  This undiluted blend is concentrated and will most likely require dilution with a carrier oil (see caution notes below), however, in moist, dark areas on the body, the goal is to dry out the fungus so a carrier oil would not be recommended for that application.  Apply this blend using the roller bottle directly on the affected area.  Use caution or dilute if a rash or discomfort occur.  This undiluted product is sold in a 10-mL roller bottle for easy application.

All Wellness Warrior products are organic.


This blend is fantastic to fight fungal infections like athlete's foot, candida, MRSA, ringworm, skin tags, and warts (planters and vaginal - even if considered viral), to name just a few!  Toenail fungus can be embarrassing and leave your lower digits feeling crowded in socks all summer long.  Worry no longer!  Our anti-fungal blend is specifically made to help your toenails look healthy and beautiful so you can show them off!  Use this blend to alleviate fungi in your body.


Aromatic - Inhale directly by cupping your hands around an open bottle and breathe in deeply through your nose.  Not recommended for use in a diffuser (it is very difficult to clean/remove oregano from a diffuser).

Topical - Directly apply 1 drop of oil directly to the area of concern or use the roller bottle to apply to the area of concern.  Please test on a small area of skin for first use. See CAUTION below. Most fungal infections occur in moist, dark areas of the body and therefore, it is not recommended to use a carrier oil in these places because you are only adding moisture to an area that needs to be dried out; instead, apply directly with a cotton swab.

Children(!) - Dilution is strongly recommended. Please refer to our Wellness Warrior Essential Oil Dosing Guide.  Professional consultation recommended for this oil blend with children.  Must dilute in a carrier oil prior to use or skin burns may result.


Melaleuca and oregano both are "hot" oils and may cause burning to the skin if used undiluted. If dilution is needed, simply add a drop of oil to 1 tablespoon of jojoba or coconut oil and rub on the affected area (avoid a carrier oil if the affected area is already moist).  Don't have a carrier oil to use?  Consider purchasing our organic carrier oils!  Please wash your hands when finished with soap and water.  Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. And, as always, keep out of children's reach.



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