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Mental Focus - Roller Bottle

Mental Focus - Roller Bottle

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Mental Focus Essential Oil Blend

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Mental Focus is an essential oil blend formulated to help you enhance your mind power while balancing your emotions. Designed for a fast-paced life. The peppermint has a cool, stimulating effect while the tulsi basil and ylang-ylang are both energizing and calming. Allow it to re-focus your energy by turning off your mind chatter allowing you to become more aware of the present moment. 

Also sold as:

15 mL essential oil blend.  This blend is undiluted and perfect for your aromatic needs and is the perfect compliment to the roller bottle.  Simply use this bottle to apply to the back of the ears, neck, or on your wrists.

Are you looking for a blend for kids under 80 lbs?  I Can Focus is our uniquely designed blend for kids.  You'll get the same ingredients contained in the Mental Focus blend, however this product is properly diluted for the safe use on kids between 20 - 80 lbs and sold under our WellnessChild product line.


Agitation, mental fog, mental concentration, easily annoyed, calming.


Topical Using the roller bottle, simply roll onto the bottom of your feet in the morning, on your neck, collarbone, and wrists, or behind your ears for a stimulating effect any time of the day. 


Dilute if sensitivity occurs.



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