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Spilanthes Herbal Tincture

Safe for:

Internal | Children


This product comes in 2-ounce glass amber dropper bottles.

All Wellness Warrior products are certified organic by the USDA.


Love and the organic herb Acmella oleracea (spilanthes) herb.  Herbs are extracted in 40% alcohol by volume.


Spilanthes, also known as Jambu, Toothache plant, Electric daisy, Paracress, Buzz buttons, and Schezuan buttons is an herbaceous plant belonging to the daisy family.  Spilanthes is known throughout Asia and South America for its anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and aphrodisiac properties and is used as a traditional medicine.  Spilanthes has pain reducing properties and is revered in medicine as a toothache plant.  Other common treatments spilanthes is used for is mouth and gum sores, general pain, stimulates taste, and improves saliva flow.  In lab studies, spilanthes is suggested to protect against certain bacterial and dental infections.  Its numbing effects suggest a reduction of inflammation and certain compounds may protect against or heal ulcers. 


Belonging to the Asteraceae family.

Antimicrobial, antiociceptive, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, cytotoxic in tumor cell cytoskeletons, diuretic, gastroprotective, taste-activating.  Compounds derived from spilanthes are spolanthol and acemellonate, both associated with reduction of toothache pain and increased saliva secretion.


Internal – Place 1-2 drops as needed at the tooth.  May make a mouthwash by adding 1-2 droppersfull with water and use as a gargle.

Children – Safe for children.  Use in the same manner as adults.  May cut the gargle dose in half.


Contains 40% alcohol by volume. 

People who are allergic to ragweed and related plants (chrysanthemums, daisies, & marigolds) should use caution when using this product as a similar allergic reaction could occur.

Use with CAUTION if you are prescribed diuretics (water pills) which are commonly taken to manage blood pressure and swelling of the legs.  Spilanthes promotes urination and may increase the risk of adverse effects if medications are not properly monitored.

Use with CAUTION if you are currently under care for prostate cancer.  Animal studies show spilanthes stimulates male hormone production at high doses and may interfere with medications taken to treat prostate cancer.

DO NOT USE during pregnancy.  Animal studies suggest potential birth defects if spilanthes is used during pregnancy.

Spilanthes significantly inhibits CYP2E1 substrates.

Spilanthes may increase testosterone levels.

In animal studies, spilanthes demonstrated loop diuretic activity and may have additive effects if mixed with other diuretic drugs.



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