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Wellness Warrior Herbal Medicines & Essential Oils

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia)

Safe for:

AromaticTopicalInternalOral │ Children


Tea tree is a very well known essential oil, commonly used for its strong anti-fungal properties.  Tea tree is also Melaleuca and is one of the most widely researched, documented and clinically proven therapeutic essential oils available today.  Tea tree is one of the oils we take to Uganda on our herbal medicine mission trips because it is so widely used for fungal infections, which run rampant in that area of the world.  This product is available in a 15 mL amber glass Euro bottle.

All Wellness Warrior essential oils are organic. 


Tea tree is a well-rounded oil that has so many different uses!  Commonly used for acne, athlete's foot (tinea pedis), boils, bronchial congestion, burns, colds, cough, ear infections (otitis media & otitis externa), fungal infections (especially of the nailbeds - onychomycosis), infections of the mouth and nose, insect bites (soothing), lice, local antiseptic for abrasions and cuts, pulmonary inflammation, recurrent herpes labialis, ringworm, sore throat, skin care (bites, scabies), toothaches (injury from broken or lost teeth), vaginal infections.  See studies below for specific concentration recommendations.


strong anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent, immuno-stimulant, reduces secretions, venous decongestant


Aromatic – Add 3-4 drops of oil to distilled water and diffuse; inhale directly by cupping your hands around an open bottle and breathe in deeply through your nose.  This method would be recommended for breathing difficulty due to cold, flu or chest congestion.

Topical – Directly apply 1-3 drops of oil to the area of concern or to reflex points with proper dilution using a carrier oil, especially for people with sensitive skin.  Drop one drop atop the head (undiluted) for fungal scalp issues.  Insert a spray pump onto the bottle and spray undiluted onto scalp for lice.  See studies below for specific concentration recommendations.

Internal – Place 1-2 drops in your favorite dish.  Place 1-2 drops in a capsule and take internally.

Oral – Place 1-2 drops of oil under the tongue.

Children – Safe for children with proper dilution.  Please refer to our Wellness Warrior Essential Oil Dosing Guide.


For people with sensitive skin, Wellness Warrior suggests diluting essential oils with a vegetable-based carrier oil, such as raw coconut or jojoba oil.  Tea tree has properties that may cause skin sensitivity for some individuals.  In these cases, please test a small area of skin for sensitivity and discontinue use if respiratory complaints begin or worsen during use.  As with all essential oils, it is recommended to use with caution during pregnancy.


Acne, mild to moderate:  Applying a 5% tea tree oil may be as effective as applying a 5% benzoyl peroxide (Oxy-5, Benzac AC).  Although tea tree might work more slowly than benzoyl peroxide, it seems to be less irritating to the skin of the face.  When applied twice daily for 45 days, tea tree reduces several additional acne symptoms, including severity.

Fungus infections of the nails (onychomycosis):  A topical application of 100% tea tree oil solution, twice daily for six months, can remove a fungal toenail infection in about 18% of people who try it.  It can also improve nail appearance and symptoms in about 56% of people after three months and 60% of people after six months of use, which is comparable to a twice-daily application of a drug called clotrimazole 1% solution (Lotrimin and Lotrimin AF).  Lower concentrations of the oils aren't as effective.

Athlete's foot (tinea pedis):  Topical application of a 10% tea tree oil cream works about as well as tolnaftate 1% cream (Genaspor, Tinactin, Ting) among others, for relieving symptoms of athlete's foot, including scaling, inflammation, itching, and burning.  A stronger tea tree oil solution (25% or 50%) is needed to completely remove the fungal infection.  Application of 25% or 50% tea tree oil solution appears to both relieve symptoms and clear up the infection in about half of people who try it for 4 weeks.



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